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airMAX - Which devices use active PoE and passive PoE?
airMAX - Which devices use active PoE and passive PoE?

An overview of which airMAX devices support what types of PoE

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A comprehensive look at which airMAX devices support active PoE and passive PoE. It is worth bearing in mind, all the devices that support 802.3af and 802.3at do by default support 48v passive PoE too.

If you are looking for information about PoE types regarding UniFi hardware, see our guide here.

airMAX Devices

99% of these devices support 24v passive PoE, with one exception the NanoStation 5AC which supports 24v passive PoE and 802.3af. This device is pretty unique in this regard and when using PoE passthrough it will output either passive 24v or passive 48v PoE, depending on how it is powered.

These airMAX devices support 24v passive PoE input.

  • NanoStation M5

  • NanoStation M2

  • NanoStation M3

  • NanoStation Loco M2

  • NanoStation Loco M5

  • NanoStation Loco 5AC

  • NanoStation 5AC

  • NanoBeam M5

  • NanoBeam 2AC

  • NanoBeam 19 5AC (and 5AC Gen2)

  • NanoBeam 16 5AC

  • Rocket M5

  • Rocket M2

  • Rocket 5AC Lite

  • Rocket 5AC Prism

  • Rocket 5AC PtMP

  • Rocket 5AC PtP

  • PowerBeam M5

  • GigaBeam

  • GigaBeam LR

PoE Passthrough

The NanoStation M2, M5 and M3 all support 24v PoE passthrough on the second port. Once enabled in the GUI it'll output at 24v passive PoE.

For the NanoStation AC, things are a bit different as it is the only airMAX device which can be powered by 48v, be it passive 48v or even active 802.3af. If it is powered by either of them, the passthrough port will output at 48v passive PoE which can then be used to power up UniFi Protect cameras.


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