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airMAX AC - NanoStation 5AC initial setup
airMAX AC - NanoStation 5AC initial setup

See how to setup a brand new NanoStation 5AC and get it adopted to the UISP application, hosted in HostiFi

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Learn how to set up a brand new NanoStation 5AC, update the firmware, and get it adopted to a HostiFi powered UISP server.

Powering the device

Typically, airMAX devices are powered by 24v passive PoE. However, the NanoStation 5AC can be powered by either 24v passive or 802.3af/at. The NanoStation 5AC also supports PoE passthrough. When passthrough is enabled, the second Ethernet port will output the same PoE type the NanoStation is powered by. This means the NanoStation can be powered from a new UniFi PoE Switch, then provide power to a G3 Bullet or G5 Bullet, for example.

Logging into the NanoStation 5AC

Unlike UniFi devices, the NanoStation 5AC and other airMAX devices don't automatically retrieve a DHCP IP address. Instead, the main interface has a default static IP address of

Default IP address:

To log into the NanoStation, connect an Ethernet cable from the NanoStation to the POE port of the PoE injector. Next, connect an Ethernet cable from your PC/Mac to the LAN port of the PoE injector.

Configure the network adapter on your PC/Mac with a static IP address on the 192.168.1.x subnet. Remember not to use

Launch your web browser. Type in the address field. Then, press the enter key. You will likely need to continue past the certificate warning screen.

You'll then be presented with the following screen

From the drop-downs, select the appropriate country and language for you. Then, click 'Continue'

Next, choose a username and password. Then, press 'Save'

Adopting to UISP

Once logged into the NanoStation, you'll be presented with this dashboard screen

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