Learn how to get a new airMAX M device added to a UISP server for the first time, whether it is hosted by HostiFi or any other cloud hosted UISP Controller.


How to add an airMAX M device to UISP

To add your airMAX M device to a HostiFi or any other cloud hosted UISP Controller, first log into your device.

Then, click on the 'Services' tab

Next, click the 'Enable' tick box

Then, click the 'Edit' button to reveal a new pop up window

Enter in your UISP key, which can be found by following this guide here. The click 'Save'.

Once your key is entered, click 'Apply'

Once done, you'll notice the UNMS logo at the top of the page will have an amber light next to it. This indicates the device is connecting out to the UISP server.

Once completed, the device will now have a green light next to the UNMS logo, this indicates the device has now connected out to the UISP server.

Next step is to add to the UISP application. This guide here shows how to add a new subscriber and approve the device.


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