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UISP - Getting Started
How to get started with UISP
How to get started with UISP

Learn what UISP does and how to get started with the application.

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This guide will go over the basics on how to get up and running with the UISP application, how to make new towers, subscribers and add devices. We have articles that cover the individual topics here in the help centre, but this guide provides a broader overview of the UISP application.


What is UISP?

UISP is a software application which allows you to manage, configure, upgrade, and monitor all the ISP and provider devices Ubiquiti makes. This includes, UISP, airMAX, airCube, airFiber, EdgeMAX, UFiber and sunMAX devices families. While the ethos is similar, UISP and UniFi are completely separate platforms and cannot be interchangeable. UniFi devices cannot be managed by UISP and UISP devices cannot be managed by UniFi.

UISP devices have their own separate user interfaces and can generally be used with or without the UISP application. However, like UniFi - without the cloud connected application in place, the devices lose out on alerts, remote configurations and access via the UISP app.

How to add a new device

We have a complete step by step guide live on the help centre, which goes over each product line from airMAX to UFiber and shows how to add them to UISP with complete screenshots.

Essentially, you need to log into your device and enter in the UISP key, which can be found from the UISP application. From our testing, this is generally the most reliable method but there are other ways to do it, such as from the UISP app on iOS and Android.

What devices are supported?

We have a complete list of the product lines and devices supported here. But anything that isn't UniFi is supported within UISP.

How to make a new site

Ubiquiti splits devices added to UISP into two areas, sites and subscribers. In a WISP/ISP environment the devices at mast sites and smaller relay sites would get added into the site, as well as any routing and UPS hardware.

First log into UISP and click on the 'Map' icon

Next, click on the '+' icon in the right hand corner

Fill in the address details, then press 'Apply Changes'

Once the new site is created, it'll be visible on the main map and is ready for devices to be assigned to it

How to make a new subscriber

Subscriber sites would house any CPE devices that the customer has, such as a NanoBeam AC for WISP customers as well as an airCube for their internal WiFi. Fibre customers would have an ONU and an airCube for WiFi.

First log into UISP and click on the 'Devices' icon

First, make sure there is a new device waiting to be assigned in UISP. Once done, click on the pending device.

Next, in the new pop up click on 'New Site'

Finally, give the site a name and press 'Create & Assign'. This will make the new customer site and assign the new device to that site.

HostiFi hosts UISP

Here at HostiFi, we host UISP as well as UniFi. Learn more here and get in touch to purchase hosting.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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