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UISP - How to add the UISP Router to UISP
UISP - How to add the UISP Router to UISP

Learn how to add the UISP Router to the UISP application

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Learn how to get a UISP Router added to the UISP application for the first time, whether it is hosted by HostiFi or any other cloud hosted UISP Controller.

UISP supports the provider devices from Ubiquiti. UniFi devices are managed by the separate UniFi Controller. UISP can manage airMAX, LTU, airFiber, EdgeMAX, UFiber, airFiber and UISP devices.


How to add the UISP Router to UISP

First thing to know is that the UISP devices don't have local GUIs. In order to add this to UISP, you need the UISP app on iOS or Android.

First, plug in the UISP Router to power and plug a network providing DHCP into either the SFP port or port 1. Then, launch the UISP app on your smartphone.

โš ๏ธ Note: Make sure permissions are enabled to allow Bluetooth access to the UISP app.

After not very long, the UISP Router will make itself discoverable over Bluetooth. Tap "Set Up" to continue.

Next, it'll go through and configure itself and do some speedtests.

Then, it'll ask you which site you wish to add the device too. Pick an appropriate site, to make a new one.

Once done, the UISP Router will be online and viewable in your UISP app or via the web in the UISP application.


HostiFi provides hosting for Ubiquiti hardware and software, with servers for UniFi and UISP as well as professional network services with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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