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How to cycle the DC output on an EdgePower 24v/54v
How to cycle the DC output on an EdgePower 24v/54v

Learn how to reboot the device powered by the DC output on an EdgePower

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Learn how to cycle the DC output on an EdgePower 24v and EdgePower 54v. This can be useful if the powered device has locked up or just simply needs a power cycle.

⚠️ Note: For this to work the EdgePower needs to be running version 1.10.0 or later. The details can be found here.


Cycle the DC output on the EdgePower

First, log into your EdgePower - then click on the blue lightning bolt to edit the DC output settings.

In the pop up window, there is a small icon. Next, click that to power cycle the DC output.

In the next box it'll ask you to confirm you wish to reboot the DC output. To proceed, click 'Ok'

Whichever device is powered from the EdgePower, most likely an EdgeSwitch or US-8-Lite - it'll reboot and come back online in around 1-2mins.


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