UISP - How to setup 2FA

Adding multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) to your UISP controller

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Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA/2FA) is important for ensuring good account security and preventing unwanted access. In this guide we'll cover how to enable 2FA for your UISP controller.

Unlike UniFi, UISP can only work without an online Ubiquiti account, so long as it is self hosted - like HostiFi.


Enabling 2FA for UISP

First, log into your UISP controller and click on 'Settings'

Next, select 'Users'

Next, hover over the user you wish to add 2FA too and click the small three dots

Then, click on 'Enable Two-Factor' in the drop down

Scan the shown QR code with your app of choice (Google Authenticator, 1Password or Authy) the click 'Next'

Enter in the six digit code provided by your 2FA app as well as the password for the UISP Controller, then click 'Verify'

Once verified, a notification will appear telling you 2FA has been configured

The next time you log in to UISP, provide your username and password, then afterwards enter in the 2FA code

If you run into any issues, send an email to support@hostifi.com or contact us via live chat.

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