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How to install UniFi on Windows
How to install UniFi on Windows

Install a local version of UniFi on Windows for easy adoption of the USW Flex Mini

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This guide covers how to install a local version of the UniFi Network Application on Windows 11 and macOS. This is mainly useful for adopting the USW Flex Mini in order to move to HostiFi.


How to install UniFi on Windows

First, go to Ubiquiti's download page:

Find the UniFi section and scroll down to the 'Software' section. Next, locate the Windows install version, and click the download icon

Next, click 'I Accept' on the EULA

Then, click 'Download File'

In your downloads folder, locate the 'UniFi-installer' file and run it

A new pop-up window will appear, click 'Yes' to allow UniFi to run

In the next window, click 'Install'

If Java is not installed on your machine, you'll be prompted to install it

If needed, install Java from

Once Java is installed, run through the UniFi installer, which will proceed to install the UniFi Network Application on your PC

Once finished, click on 'Finish'

For around a minute, the UniFi application will be initializing

Once UniFi has started, click 'Launch a Browser' button start setting up UniFi

After a few seconds, you'll then be able to set up the UniFi controller. You may need to adjust Windows Firewall settings in order to adopt devices to the local controller.


HostiFi provides hosting for Ubiquiti hardware and software, with servers for UniFi and UISP as well as professional network services with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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