What is HostiFi Pro?

HostiFi Pro services offers consulting and white labeled support for your IT team

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HostiFi Pro is HostiFi's professional services division. Our normal UniFi and UISP server plans include dedicated support, managed updates, automated security and SSL renewal, and many other benefits. With our professional services, we can provide consulting and ongoing white labeled support for your IT team. We can also help you configure or troubleshoot more advanced networks.

Our Pro services cover:

  • VPN Configuration and Troubleshooting

  • VLAN and Firewall Setup

  • Advanced Routing

  • Wireless Optimization and Best Practices

  • WISPs and Fixed Wireless Planning and Configuration

  • Managed UniFi & UISP Updates

  • Custom quotes - contact us for more details

Our Pro services team can assist with all Ubiquiti product lines, including:

  • UniFi

  • UniFi Dream Machines

  • UniFi Protect

  • UniFi Access

  • UniFi Talk

  • UniFi Connect

  • EdgeMAX

  • LTU

  • airMAX

  • airFiber

  • UISP

  • 3rd party equipment

Hourly, fixed rate, and subscription services are available. You don't need a HostiFi server to sign up for our hourly consulting or fully managed plans.

For more information visit https://hostifi.com/pro, or schedule a meeting to discuss your next project and how HostiFi Pro services can help.

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