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airMAX - What is airPrism?
airMAX - What is airPrism?

Learn what airPrism is and what devices support it

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5GHz and 2GHz are used by a lot of other things and when operating a WISP or any kind of PtP links in the open space, you are always going to come across other sources of wireless interference.

What is airPrism?

With the release of the Rocket Prism 2AC and 5AC, Ubiquiti introduced something called airPRISM and it aims to help filter out unwanted interference that might be causing issues on your network, such as slow downs and dropped connections.

For the antenna, a lot of co-located devices can be picked up by devices on the tower itself. Other access points in the same space can be picked up as loudly or more loudly than the device it is intended for. To get around this, we can use better antennas, such as horn antennas from RF Elements or Ubiquiti - both of which reduce the amount of bleed the AP has behind it and to the side.

We can also use GPS sync to help time the TX and RX signals from the access points.

airPrism was designed by the Ubiquiti R&D team and uses a dedicated chip to ignore co-located interference and help improve throughput for the network.

What products support airPrism?

  • Rocket Prism 2AC

  • Rocket Prism 5AC

  • Rocket 5AC PtMP

  • PrismStation

What about LTU?

At this time, Ubiquiti hasn't released anything about LTU supporting airPrism. However, since LTU is not built upon the 802.11 spec, it likely has less issues with interference than airMAX.


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