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The majority of our customers are IT service providers who are using our service as part of their offering to their own customers. As such, the ability to provide a completely white labeled product, in which the end user is unaware of HostiFi being the server provider, is important to our customers.

White Label Servers

By default, HostiFi servers use a hostifi.com URL. If you want to use your own custom domain instead, setup a CNAME record with your DNS provider pointing to your HostiFi URL. See our guide on how to use your own custom domain name(s) for your UniFi server for more detailed instructions.

Once you have customized your domain name, there is no remaining reference to HostiFi on your servers, and you will automatically have a valid certificate pointing to your domain.

White Label Billing

You are able to purchase multiple HostiFi products, which you can then resell to your customers on whatever terms you have established with the customer. By billing your customer and paying HostiFi separately, your customer will not see any references to HostiFi.

White Label Professional Services

Our HostiFi Pro team can provide a white label experience by working with your customers using your ticket system, your domain for emails, or your phone number.

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