If you want to get email alerts from Omada, which can be important to know when APs and other Omada devices have gone offline, or reset an admin password - this can be configured within the Omada Controller.


Setting up SMTP within Omada

First, log into your Omada controller and view the global overview. Then, click on 'Settings'

Next, click on 'Controller Settings'

Under the 'Mail Server' settings, enable the SMTP server

Configuring Mail Server Settings

You could create an email address specifically for the alerts to send from, and enter the information in the above section.

We don't recommend using your own email address because the password can be viewed by anyone with access to the settings page.

It can sometimes be tricky sometimes to get SMTP working for Gmail and other providers who have security rules in place to prevent unauthorised logins.

Instead, we recommend using a transactional email service provider like postmarkapp.com.

With Postmark you are able to use your domain name, create a new email address name on that domain, and generate different SMTP credentials for each server you want to use without having to worry about configuring security bypass settings in your primary email provider.

In the Omada Controller, fill in the following fields with your own information.

⚠️ Note: Make sure SSL is disabled

Now you will be able to send emails from the Omada controller.


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