UniFi - What is a UniFi Switch?

Learn the basics of what a UniFi switch is

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Learn the basics of what a UniFi Switch is and the basic features, other articles we have do a deep dive into the features and product lines.


What is a UniFi Switch?

Ubiquiti has been offering UniFi switches for a while and they come in all shapes and sizes. The main differentiator is whether it has PoE or not. Ubiquiti has numerous variations, including:

  • Flex

  • Lite

  • Standard

  • Pro

  • Enterprise

Flex switches offer some PoE and are plastic in design, Lite offer half of their ports for PoE, Pro are L3 capable with support for PoE on some models. Enterprise are also L3 capable, with support for PoE on all ethernet ports.

UniFi Switches only support active PoE, some older variations used to offer 24v passive as well however.

All Standard, Pro and Enterprise models also feature a 1.3-inch touchscreen for viewing stats, performing safe shutdowns and more.


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