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UniFi - What is Bluetooth used for on UniFi APs?
UniFi - What is Bluetooth used for on UniFi APs?

Ubiquiti has been adding in support for BLE on some UniFi AP models, learn what it is for

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For a little while, Ubiquiti has been including Bluetooth in some of their devices. In this post, we'll look at what benefit that provides and then which devices support it.

Why do UniFi APs have Bluetooth?

Ubiquiti APs support Bluetooth for two reasons, one to speed up and make initial adoption of new devices faster and the second is to enable the support of devices such as the UP-Sense for UniFi Protect. Since the UP-Sense is a battery powered device, using WiFi would use more power and low power BLE makes more sense.

Which models support Bluetooth?

The following UniFi APs support BLE (Bluetooth)

  • U6 Lite (excluding Early Access models)

  • U6 Long-Range (excluding Early Access models)

  • U6 Mesh

  • U6 Professional

  • U6 In-Wall

  • U6 Enterprise

  • U6 Enterprise In-Wall

  • U6 Extender

It is worth noting that, the U6+ and U6+ Long-Range do not support Bluetooth.


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