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How to integrate UniFi email alerts with Mailparser
How to integrate UniFi email alerts with Mailparser

Customize UniFi alerts by integrating with Mailparser

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By integrating UniFi email alerts with Mailparser, we can extract the contents from those emails into variables like

  • site_name

  • alarm

  • device_name

  • controller_url

These variables can then be rearranged to create new messages, and sent out to other integrations like

  • Postmark - rewrite emails to include the site name in the email subject for example, and send the email out using Postmark

  • Twilio - send UniFi alerts via SMS

  • Slack - send UniFi alerts to a Slack channel

  • Microsoft Teams - send UniFi alerts to a Microsoft Teams channel

  • Discord - send UniFi alerts to a Discord channel

  1. Create an account at

2. Make sure you have a mailer server configured in your UniFi controller
3. Create a Super Admin account in UniFi with the email address from Mailparser and a long random password

4. Disable email alerts on all other UniFi Admin accounts, we can use Mailparser to rewrite the UniFi alert emails and forward them on to the other Admins later on using the Postmark integration

5. Disconnect a device from UniFi to trigger an alert email to the Mailparser address
6. In Mailparser, go to Parsing Rules > + Add new parsing rule. In the upper right corner, click "Change sample email" and select the disconnected device alert email. Choose Body as the data location, and Plain Text as the type.

7. Next, we are going to extract the Device Name from the email and save it as a variable. Click Add Text Filter > Set Start & End Position > Find Start Position. Set it to Text match: after and type "Device Name: " into the text input.

8. Next, click the Add Text Filter > Set Start & End Position > Define End Position. Set the drop-down to "End of line".

9. We've now successfully parsed the device name out of the UniFi alert emails! Click "OK, looks good!" to save it.
10. Repeat steps 6-9 to parse the Site, Alarm, Controller URL and any other data you need out of the emails.

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