Update: Here is an alternate method if you prefer not to use the Mailparser service: https://slack.com/intl/en-au/help/articles/206819278-Send-emails-to-Slack

By integrating UniFi email alerts with Mailparser, we can extract the contents from those emails and then send a webhook to Slack's API to create an alert in a Slack channel.

  1. Create the Slack channel that you want to use for the alerts. It can be public or private.

3. Log in to your Slack workspace at https://app.slack.com
4. Go to https://api.slack.com/apps?new_app=1 and create a new Slack app

5. You can update the App name and icon on the Basic Information page

6. Go to Features > Incoming Webhooks and Activate Incoming Webhooks. Next, create a new webhook and choose the channel you created in step 2. Copy the webhook URL.

7. In Mailparser, go to Webhook Integrations > Add New Integration > Generic Webhook

8. Use the following settings. Replace the Target URL with the webhook URL you copied in step 6.

Basic Options
Name: This can be anything, I used "Slack webhook to MSP Story #demo-hostifi-com"
Payload format: JSON
Target URL: https://hooks.slack.com/services/your-webhook-url-goes-here

Advanced Options
Repeating Data Behavior: One request per email
Data Structure: Custom - provide your own template
Structure template: {"text":"Site: {{site_name}}\nAlarm: {{alarm}}\nDevice: {{device_name}}\nURL: {{controller_url}}"}
Additional Headers: Leave empty

9. Click Save & Test. Check for any error messages.

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