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Learn what happens when a device becomes isolated and what to do

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UniFi devices have multiple states to let you know what is happening to them. UniFi Access Points have a few more states than any other devices, with 'Isolated' being the most common misconception.

What does 'Isolated' mean?

When a UniFi AP goes into 'Isolated' state, the AP will generally work as intended. It is disconnected from the UniFi Controller but will still broadcast the relevant SSIDs it was set.

What about Mesh?

When you are setting up a new meshed UniFi AP, the process to get it adopted can be by plugging in the AP to the wired network to get it adopted to UniFi and then once adopted, unplugging it and choosing its new location. While the AP is unplugged and gathering information about the mesh environment, it will go into the 'Isolated' state for a period of time, before coming online again.

If a UniFi AP was previously connected via mesh and has now gone into the 'Isolated' state, you can try the following steps:

  1. Move the AP closer to another known online access point

  2. Factory reset the UniFi AP (following our guide here)

  3. Remove the AP from the UniFi Controller

  4. Re-adopt the AP into UniFi

  5. Update the device firmware

Wired devices

If a UniFi AP goes into 'Isolated' while it is connected to the wired network, this can mean one of a few things:

  • Wired connectivity has become compromised, the Ethernet cable may be faulty or damaged and the pins are providing power, just not data.

  • Some VLAN or firewall settings may have been changed, check the port profiles for the switch port and see if anything has been changed.

  • Otherwise, follow the next steps

  1. Factory reset the UniFi AP (following our guide here)

  2. Remove the AP from the UniFi Controller

  3. Re-adopt the AP into UniFi

  4. Update the device firmware


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