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UISP - airFiber distance recommendations
UISP - airFiber distance recommendations

How far can you you go with certain airFiber models?

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The airFiber line has come a long way since the first incarnation back in 2012, now expanding beyond 24GHz with 11GHz, 60GHz, 5GHz, 2GHz, 4GHz, 3GHz and more. However, with the complication of different frequencies comes a multitude of minimum and maximum distances that these devices can work at.

Distance recommendations


Minimum distance

Maximum distance

airFiber 5 and 5U

10 metres


airFiber 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X

25 metres


airFiber 24 and 24HD

25 metres

AF24 - 13km

AF24HD - 20km

airFiber 11

25 metres


airFiber 60LR

None provided


airFiber 60XR

None provided


airFiber 60XG

None provided


airFiber 60HD

None provided


Rain fade considerations

While the above maximum distances look good on a spec sheet, in the real world some of these are only achievable in lab conditions. For example, in UK weather the airFiber 24HD as a real world range of 8km without dropping the link completely.

The lower the frequency the less rain fade you'll experience.

Rain fade predictions at 24GHz


1.25 mm/hr

5 mm/hr

25 mm/hr

1 km

0.2 dB

0.7 dB

4 dB

2 km

0.4 dB

1.4 dB

8 dB

3 km

0.6 dB

2.1 dB

12 dB

4 km

0.8 dB

2.8 dB

16 dB

5 km

1 dB

3.5 dB

20 dB


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