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Omada - How to add your controller to TP-Link Cloud
Omada - How to add your controller to TP-Link Cloud

Learn how to add your HostiFi Omada controller to the TP-Link Cloud

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It is possible to add your HostiFi or any other cloud hosted Omada Controller to appear in TP-Link's cloud portal, for easier remote access and visibility.


Making a TP-Link account

First thing to do is make a new TP-Link account, if you don't have one already. To do this go to and create a new account.

Enabling Cloud Access

Next step is to enable cloud access in the Omada controller, which is a pretty simple process.

First log into your Omada controller and go to the global view. From there, click on 'Manage Cloud Access'

Next, turn on the 'Cloud Access' toggle

Then, you'll be prompted for your TP-Link account credentials

Once completed, you'll see the following message

Now you can access your TP-Link Omada controller from the cloud, by visiting


HostiFi provides hosting for both Ubiquiti and TP-Link software-defined-networking (SDN) applications, with servers for UniFi, UISP and Omada. We also offer professional networking consulting, with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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