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UniFi - How to update UXG via SSH
UniFi - How to update UXG via SSH

Learn how to update the firmware on the UXG Lite and UXG Pro gateways via SSH

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As with most UniFi devices, it is possible to upgrade the firmware via the web GUI of UniFi when a release gets added to a new channel. However, it can also be completed manually by giving the device a custom URL, or finally via command line using SSH.

In this guide, we're going to explore the latter and upgrade a UXG via SSH. We can do this by being on the same network as the device, or remotely by using the debug terminal built into UniFi itself.

SSH into the UXG

This guide here, complete with YouTube video will show you how to log into your UXG for the first time and after it has been adopted into UniFi. The process is a little different to other UniFi devices as the UXG Pro has a different username and password when in its factory default state to others.

Upgrade commands

Once logged into the UXG via SSH, run the command below but make sure to replace the <firmware_url> with an appropriate link from Ubiquiti.

ubnt-systool fwupdate <firmware_url>

The UXG will go out and download the firmware from Ubiquiti and perform an automatic reboot when finished. When we upgraded a UXG Pro, the process took around 3-4 minutes and the LCM screen showed the status too.


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