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UniFi - How to remap the WAN ports on UXG Pro
UniFi - How to remap the WAN ports on UXG Pro

Learn how to change the WAN port assignments on the UXG Pro

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Remapping the WAN ports on the UXG Pro can be a useful part of your deployment. For example, by default the UXG Pro has WAN 1 assigned to an RJ45 port and WAN 2 is assigned to an SFP port. WAN 1 is also the primary connection and WAN 2 is only the backup. (when used in a failover configuration)

With port remapping, you can use the SFP port for WAN 1 and then use the spare RJ45 port for LAN, if needed.

How to swap WAN ports on the UXG Pro

First log into UniFi and go to settings

Next, go to Internet

Then, you can choose the port assignment for each WAN

One thing is to note, that once an interface is assigned to either WAN, it needs to be moved in order to be reassigned.

For example, if I wanted port 3 as WAN 1, I would need to change WAN 2 to port 2, then port 3 becomes available, then I can move it to WAN 1. This will be covered more in depth in the above video.


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