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UISP - Managing VLANs on the UISP Switch
UISP - Managing VLANs on the UISP Switch

Learn how to manage VLANs on the UISP Switch

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The new UISP line of devices from Ubiquiti take a new approach to how we think we manage network devices. The UISP Router and UISP Switch for example don't have a local GUI like an EdgeSwitch and because of this, the management is different.

In this post, we are going to see how we manage VLANs on the UISP Switch.


How to create a new VLAN

First, log into your UISP controller and select your UISP Switch

In the pop out menu, select the "See old device detail" option as currently in the UISP application there are some settings in the old style UI that are due to be moved over.

Next, select "VLANS" in the left hand menu

Finally, in this screen you can manage the VLANs for the UISP Switch. The GUI works in the exact same way an EdgeSwitch does, with U for untagged and T for tagged.

How to tag/untag VLANs

To create a new VLAN, enter in a VLAN ID number and click "Create VLAN"

To assign VLANs to the ports on the UISP Switch, use the eight square boxes and cycle through the models, T, U and E and choose which VLANs are assigned to each port.

Note, only one VLAN can be untagged at a time.


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