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Which UniFi devices can be added to HostiFi?
Which UniFi devices can be added to HostiFi?

And which ones can't?

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A common question we get here at HostiFi is which devices work with our hosted UniFi platform and more importantly, which ones don't.

There are a lot of UniFi devices which do work with HostiFi, it is mainly the UDM devices which cannot be adopted.

UniFi Network only supports UniFi hardware, so EdgeMAX, airMAX and other UISP devices cannot be added to UniFi. For these types of devices, we would recommend using the UISP application.



*Older EOL APs cannot be adopted to newer UniFi Network versions

Which devices work


All of the the USG devices work as does the brand new UXG Pro. We have a guide here covering how to add your UXG Pro to a HostiFi powered UniFi Controller.


All of Ubiquiti's UniFi switches can be added to HostiFi, there are no issues here. The only one that is different is the USW Flex mini as the adoption process doesn't involve SSH. We have a guide here covering this.

Access Points

There are no current UniFi AP models that won't work with HostiFi.


UniFi LTE and UniFi UBB devices do work with HostiFi.

Which devices don't work

UniFi OS Consoles

None of the UniFi OS Consoles can be added to HostiFi. This is due to them running their own UniFi instance onboard and cannot be managed externally. If you have a UDM Pro powering your network and are looking to move to HostiFi, we would recommend purchasing the UXG Pro and adopt that instead.

Access Points

The only ones you'll have a problem with are the models that are now classed as End of Life (EOL) are no longer supported by Ubiquiti. A full list can be found here.

Anything else

All the other UniFi product lines will unfortunately not work with HostiFi, this includes:

  • UniFi Video

  • UniFi Protect

  • UniFi Access

  • UniFi UID

Other product lines from Ubiquiti, such as EdgeRouters, EdgeSwitches etc cannot be added to UniFi and are supported in UISP instead.


HostiFi provides hosting for Ubiquiti hardware and software, with servers for UniFi and UISP as well as professional network services with HostiFi Pro.

If you run into any issues, send an email to or contact us via live chat.

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