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UniFi - How to migrate from the USG to UXG
UniFi - How to migrate from the USG to UXG

Learn how to move from the USG and USG Pro 4 to the new UXG

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In this guide, we're going to look at how to migrate from the USG 3P or USG Pro 4 to the new UXG. This is useful, especially as the USG is approaching its ten year anniversary in 2024. Many people might be looking to upgrade their USG and the UXG is a good upgrade.

To outline what we need to do, we're going to be using HostiFi for this and from the perspective of not being on site with the equipment. You have either pre-configured the UXG and sent it out to the customer or are doing this full remote.

For this method, we're going to use HostiFi and make a new site on the controller for the UXG to be adopted to.

The process of moving from a USG to UXG when you are the one doing the change is considerably easier but this guide should be helpful, nonetheless.

Create a new site within UniFi

First, we need to create a new site within UniFi. (Follow our guide here for instructions)

Adopt the UXG to the new site

Next, adopt the UXG to the new site. (Follow our guide here for instructions)

Remove the USG

Once the UXG is online, the USG can be removed from the original site. We need to remove the USG, as Ubiquiti only allows one UniFi Gateway to be adopted to one site at a time.

To do this, go to Devices

Select the USG

Next, click on Settings

Scroll down and click on Remove

Now click on Confirm. This will remove the USG and factory reset the device.

Once done, unplug the USG from the network.

Move the UXG to the original site

Next, the new UXG can be moved to the site. In the process of moving, it'll adopt the same WAN and LAN settings as the USG.

Click on the site switcher and choose the site where the UXG is. In our case, it is the Default site

Next, select the UXG

Next, select 'Settings'

Then, scroll down and click on 'Move To New Site'

Choose the site you wish to move the UXG to

Then, click on 'Move'

Next, plug in the new UXG to the exact same network cables as the USG.

Don't do this before moving the UXG to the new site as the DHCP scope on the UXG could be different to the ones in use in your LAN and could cause temporary issues.

Wait for the UXG to come online within UniFi.


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