1. Scan your network to discover the IP address of your UniFi Video camera using the Ubiquiti Device Discovery Tool

2. Open the IP address of the web camera in a web browser

3. The default username is ubnt and password ubnt

  • If you are not able to log in, you will need to factory reset the camera by holding the reset pin, or retrieve the device credentials from the current UniFi Video server

4. Click "Skip" to skip the camera setup wizard

5. Log in to your UniFi Video server
6. Under "Settings", click "New Token" to generate a new camera adoption token
7. Copy the token

8. Switch back to the camera web page and enter the UniFi Video Server name and Adoption Token settings

  • Don't include https:// or :7443 in the UniFi Video Server name

  • If these setting inputs are missing, you may need to update the camera's firmware. For older firmware versions, you may need to do one update at a time to get to the latest version

9. Click "Save Changes"
10. The camera should now show as connected in the UniFi Video server

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