Token Adoption Method

This guide shows you how to adopt a new device to UISP. If you have an existing device, skip to step 5. If you are migrating an existing UISP server, you may want to backup/restore instead.

1. If you have factory default device, the default IP address is Set your PC to use a static IP address on the 192.168.1.X network

2. Open the device web page at

3. Log in with the default credentials of username ubnt, password ubnt

4. Under the Network tab, configure a new static IP or set the device to use DHCP

5. If your device is missing "Ubiquiti Network Management System" option under the Services tab, you will need to upgrade the firmware first under the System tab

6. Now you should see the UISP settings under the Services tab

7. Log in to your UISP server. Under Devices > Add Device, click the arrow to open the drop down, then "Copy UISP key to clipboard" to copy the server's key

8. In the device, under Services, enable UISP and NTP. Click "Edit" in the UISP section, then paste the server key copied in the previous step into the window and save it

9. In UISP, click "Authorize" to adopt the device

10. The device status should change from "Unauthorized" to "Active"

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